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Most people now rely on their appliances day to day: whether that means being able to cook in the kitchen, or store food safely in your refrigerator, or taking care of your dirty clothes. These appliances make our lives much easier and open up a lot of free time, which is why we need them to continue working properly. If any of your appliances break down, it can quickly make your life a lot more complicated. How long could you get by without your fridge, or your oven, or range? How long could you do laundry by hand?

Luckily, you don't need to. Raineys Appliance Service has been repairing appliances since 1962, and we've become experts in those years. We're a full service appliance repair company that provides expert responsiveness to your appliance problems. We'll arrive to service your appliances within 24 hours of your problem, so you don't have to go any longer than you have to without them. We'll leave you with nothing more than your restored and fixed appliances, and ready to tackle all of your daily chores again.

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